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The perfect egg!

Japanese culture reinvented

Buttery soft egg white and a creamy yolk: Japan’s onsen tamago is known by the worlds famous chefs and connoisseurs throughout the world as the perfect egg. To prepare it on your own, endless factors must be taken into account – from the size and weight of the egg to the air pressure and amount and temperature of water. But thanks to the Nihon preparation, you can easily make a perfect egg every time.

Nihon in use

Everything about the perfect egg

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Here we provide background information, delicious recipes and new ideas for using Nihon.

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Beautiful on the outside,
perfectly cooked within

Nihon combines elegant design with practical functionality. The stylish egg cooker with its patented hardware triggers the innovative cooking process, gently cooking eggs to perfection in a low-temperature water bath. Besides the convenient cooking process, it’s also safe from bacteria such as salmonella.

Additional advantages of slow cooking: you don’t have to worry about the shells bursting open, the eggs are immediately ready to serve once done, and best of all… while the eggs cook to perfection on their own, you have time to sit with your guests and enjoy the rest of your meal.


Cook eggs like a pro

3 popular consistencies

  1. The classic Onsen egg: a very soft-boiled egg with the perfect creamy yolk texture (approx. 35 min.) 
  2. Soft-boiled egg with a soft and creamy yolk (approx. 16 min.) 
  3. Hard-boiled egg, firm with a uniformly yellow yolk – without a gray-green border, thanks to the optimised temperature curve (approx. 14 min.)

Always ready right on schedule

Program your Nihon up to 11 hours in advance in order to get your perfect onsen egg for breakfast once you wake up. Even though you are still flexible, thanks to our warming capability of additional 2 hours once your eggs are cooked.

Easy and convenient use

Nihon is easy and safe to use. When your eggs are ready, there’s no disruptively loud notification – just a light on the LED display to alert you. Once they’re ready, the eggs are then automatically kept warm for you.

What’s the difference?

Why choose Nihon over your regular egg cooker?

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